Who Trumps Nature Or Nurture?

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Nature is much different than nurture in many aspects. Nature is connected through your genes and is shown through your parents into you. Nurture is much different; the people that you hangout with or even are around all the time and shapes who you are is what nurture is. The debate on which is more of who you are is what everyone is talking about, but the decision should be easy. Nurture shows and makes who you are more than nature. Here are a few reasons why nature has a little bit to do with your personality. Some of what your parent have you have and will make up some of what you are. The genes in your body created from your parents can make you a certain way for a bit of time. If your mother and father were both very outgoing, there is a chance that you will be too when you are old enough to speak and communicating, but that isn’t always the case. When you are born, you are what your parents made you, but it changes as you get older and see other people around you.
Some kids don’t hang around people outside of their home so it makes it seem as though nature would be the dominate trait for personality, but if they hang around others outside of their home, there is a chance that they will inherit the traits from people surrounding him or her. Not only
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If your biological parents are drug addicts and are never happy, that doesn’t mean you are going to be like that. If you didn’t know your parents chose to be this way it wouldn’t make you this way unless you choose to make that decision on your own. Most likely you are going to be more like your adopted parents because how are you supposed to know what your real parents are like if you never met them? How are you like them when you have nothing in common and can’t relate to anything that they do? With your adopted parents you have more experiences with them and they teach you how to act and treat you a certain way so you're naturally like
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