Who Wants to Make Stuffed Animals? Everyone at Build-a-Bear Essay

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“Skeptics warned that the concept wouldn’t last… adults told me my idea wouldn’t work. ‘Who wants to make stuffed animals” (Nelson &Quick, p.118), states Maxine Clark; CEO of Build-A-Bear, as she recounts the lack of support she received when drafting her initial ideas for the now successful Build-A-Bear Workshop. Although, being told ‘no’ numerous times she still pursued her dreams which all evolved from a conversation with her ten-year old friend, Katie. Katie and Maxine were out looking for stuffed animals and Katie was unable to locate the stuffed animal she wanted. At that moment, the vision of creating a stuffed animal to match Katie’s desires was formed. Clark took the general idea and concept of a ‘stuffed animal’ and decided to…show more content…
Her love for people also transitioned into Build-A-Bear Workshop, where she has ensured that the experience of building a stuffed animal is as interactive as possible. Clark’s ESFP personality type positively affects Build-A-Bear Workshops through continued success and the implementation of ideas to keep customers interested. Clark’s personality allows her to be open and flexible to change that may occur within the market. Clark states, “you always want to make it relevant. So if skinny jeans or leggings are popular, our bears can wear that. We also stay up with popular culture” (Nelson &Quick). With Clark’s personality type falling into the Sensing category on the MBTI, she was able to successful implement tools and methods of seeking out employees that would be a perfect fit within the Build-A-Bear Workshops work environment. When selecting candidates for positions at Build-A-Bear Workshops, “Clark and her team work hard to find associates that are not only capable, but who also care about providing a great Build A Bear experience-whether it’s a happy one or a sad one” (Nelson &Quick). Clark desires employees that have openness to experience personality trait. This trait describes individuals that are creative, curious, and cultured (Nelson &Quick, p.85). An employee must be creative to be able to imagine what the customer wants and assist in the process of bringing it to life in the build-a-bear process. From there curiosity is
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