Who Was Jesus? Essay

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Now-a-days it seems like religion has become somewhat of a taboo. It has fallen on the back burners, pushed behind things such as famous actors that people look up to or things portrayed in the media. The thing is, the most important figure in history is part of religion and should be revered much more than the idolized actors of today. The human population has become blind to spiritual life and has become engulfed by a social lifestyle. If you look around, people have forgotten what it’s like to know Jesus and any aspect of religion. Religion is the biggest part of any person’s life because it is the building block for everything we have. Something that I want to bring up is the story of the cave by Plato. Plato told a story about three…show more content…
To start off, I will say a very simple fact, Jesus is everything and everyone. Jesus is all that is around us. When I say this I mean that Jesus is the reason we are where we are, He made everything possible for us and we don’t understand that. Jesus is a symbol of strength, Saving grace, human weakness, hope, life, love, understanding, knowledge, wisdom and almost any other intangible definition of humanity that we could think of. The reason I say this is because Jesus of scripture was everything good in the world and also he highlighted humanity as we are. Jesus in scripture is shown in every situation and can be applied to our world as a symbol. He is in all that is good and also in any situation that is bad. I don’t mean bad as in he is the creator of evil because that would be a complete religious contradiction. I mean that Jesus is the hope in any bad situation. He is what makes evil turn out good. Jesus makes anything bad become understandable through all that He means. Next we must understand that Jesus was fully God and fully human. We must have both parts in order to understand that he saved us and that he was one and the same with God. McGrath says, “Although all people are children of God in some sense of the word, the New Testament holds that Jesus is the son of God.”(McGrath, 67) This shows us that Jesus is directly connected to God and therefore he
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