Who Was Joseph Stalin A Villain

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“Death is the solution to all problems. No man - no problem.” - Joseph Stalin. This quote comes from a man who is responsible for industrializing Russia and making them the strong, independent country they are, but he is also responsible for their struggles. It has long been in debate that Stalin was a hero, but looking closer at the actions he took to industrialize Russia it is revealed that he was a villain. During Stalin's reign he accomplished many things, both good and bad, but in his attempt to industrialize Russia he became a villain, and though he had good motives, he accomplished them by establishing dictatorship, executing violent measures, and robbing people of their rights.
Stalin originally had admirable goals for the USSR, and his reasons for industrializing it showed this. Russia was behind the times compared to everyone else, and Stalin wanted to modernize them in order to better the life of Russians. He had several goals for the result of industrialization: to make Russia more independant, to raise the standard of living, to make communism popular, and to make Russia a strong and dominant country. Russia had been devastated by WW1 and the Civil War, leaving its economy
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Currently, Russia is struggling to overcome the challenges Stalin left behind for them; “People still don’t want to think about … the horrors of the Stalin period.” Stalin wanted to make Russia and its people more equal to the rest of the world, but by doing so he stripped Russians of all their rights and made himself superior. Overall, Stalin put the country through a loss of rights, terrible standard of living, millions of deaths, and almost no good outcomes for Russia, all to industrialize them. But in the end, the cost of industrialization was too high, but that didn't stop Stalin from gladly paying it. While he had the intent of a hero, his actions spoke louder than his ideas, and Stalin became a
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