Who Was Responsible For The Downfall Of Macbeth

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Who takes the fault? It is easier to assuage your own guilt by blaming your downfalls on another individual, unlike Macbeth. Macbeth rarely ever placed the reason for his downfall on his wife, when it was her who was the main cause of his subsequent demise. Although Macbeth’s power-hungry and tenebrous nature becomes the key factor in his downfall, Lady Macbeth initiates these ambitions by causing him to act on his own reluctant, lurid thoughts, killing off every individual who tries to obstruct his pathway in gaining the thrown. This overbearing behavior was not present in the very beginning of the play though; Macbeth was a very chivalrous man with hero-like characteristics that were respected by all of his countrymen and other peers. Evil…show more content…
Banquo’s sons were the next in line to take the thrown after Duncan, and Macbeth was not going to sit back and let that happen. Two murderers were hired by Macbeth to take Banquo out. Macbeth stated that it was “concluded” for Banquo, and that “thy soul’s flight,/ if it find heaven, must it find out” (III. i. 140-141). Macbeth thrived from the power that he was gaining, and felt relief that he was able to become the new king. Even though he assuaged his guilt in the wrong ways, Macbeth could not stop the rampage he was on. He later on took out Macduff’s family, meaning “his wife, his babes, and all unfortunate souls/ that trace him in his line” (IV. i. 152-153). Lady Macbeth, who was now starting to feel a ton of guilt started to slowly go insane. There was a doctor hired to look at her while Macbeth was away, and the doctor came to examine her behavior. She would constantly talk to herself and wash imaginary blood off of her hands that was already gone, exclaiming “Out, damned spot,” (V.i.28). Subsequently, no matter how much she tried to wash the guilt away, it would always be present. Nothing was worse than how she was feeling at that present moment; some theories suggest that the evil that had once possessed her finally let her go. Whatever the case may be, it eventually caused her to commit suicide from strain. Meanwhile, Macbeth continued to prosper from this hubris and flaunt his power around. He believed that no man born from a woman could defeat him. When, Macduff found out that Macbeth had his family killed, he challenged Macbeth to a battle. Macduff had reigned victorious and Macbeth was slain. Macbeth’s excessive pride was finally put to
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