Who Was Robert Winnie My Hero?

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When you think of a hero who is the first person that pops into your head? Anyone can be your hero, my hero is tall, strong , and has eyes as soft as the sky, his hair is light and fluffy like clouds. My hero is my grandpa, known to many as Robert Winnie, but I call him papa. Robert Winnie grew up in a big family. He had two parents, one sister, and three brothers. As an adult, he worked at Eaton Proving Grounds for many years, where he would test drive cars, he also worked a second job at a furniture store to better support his family. Robert Winnie is married to Jean Winnie, and they have three kids. Robert Winnie has taught through his actions to be patient, supportive of others, and be selfless. That is only a few of the many reasons…show more content…
My grandpa always comes to my sporting events to cheer me on. When he comes, he brings along his camera, taking a million pictures a second, capturing every moment. When I got sick when I was younger papa would always take me to his house, and make sure I was ok. He would wrap me in a mountain of blankets, bring me chicken noodle soup, and turn on Looney Tunes.He would never freak out about me getting him sick like a lot of people did which would make me feel better. Sometimes when my parents are really busy, my grandpa will almost always be there to get me from place to place, never complaining about how it was inconvenient for him or how he had somewhere better to be. Along with being supportive, my grandpa is one of the most selfless people I know. Whenever my family needs help with anything he is the first person we call because we know that if anyone can do it, or is willing to do it, it’s him. My dad owns a landscaping and plowing business, so he is always wearing down his trucks, causing them to break down a lot. Papa is always up to the challenge of fixing them, even though he never has to. One thing that is really important to him is family, he has always, always put family first. My grandpa may not have a cape, or have super powers, but he has a heart of gold, and for me that's all a hero has to have. If I'm lucky I’ll be half the person he is. Robert Winnie has taught me through his actions to be patient, supportive of others, and
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