Who Was The Colony Of Roanoke

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Roanoke was the first attempted English settlement and later was the first English American settlement. The island is located off the coast of North Carolina (Croatoan Mystery). Which is located on the Roanoke River (Cinnamon). The island is south of Albemarie Sound (Roanoke
Island). In 1587, John White made his second attempt at settling a colony at Roanoke. The trip was funded by Sir Walter Raleigh (Croatoan Mystery). Actually the first child born with English parents in the New World, was in Roanoke (Roanoke Island). The child was the granddaughter of
John White and her name was Virginia Dare. John White returned from a supply trip, only to find no sign of the colony (Cinnamon). The settlers disappeared in 1590, during the Anglo-Spanish
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