Who Will Make You Stop Smoking? Essay

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Who will make you stop smoking? Only you can do that to yourself. Strong will and determination is needed for a person to stop smoking, and you need to find these attributes inside your very core to help you achieve a smoke-free life. Once you found these attributes, you have to change your daily habits to healthier ones so that you can truly say goodbye to the hazards of smoking. 10 simple daily habits will make you stop smoking Did you know that there are 10 simple daily habits that will make you stop smoking? As absurd as the idea maybe, it is actually true. Simple day-to-day habits will help you quit smoking as long as you have the drive to succeed in this endeavor. 1. Say a daily morning mantra every time you wake up. From “I stop smoking” to “Smoking will kill me,” a mantra will help condition your mind all throughout the day. Of course, you can make your own mantra personally and it is best if you include the reasons why you have to quit smoking. Knowing and hearing your reasons for stopping cigarette use will keep you motivated not to get even one cigarette stick in the remaining hours of the day until you feel asleep at night. The following morning, say the same mantra again and let it go on and on and on for the following days, months, or even years. 2. Keep yourself busy with exercise. Scientific studies prove that exercise helps you cut your cravings for nicotine. Even a five-minute brisk walking or stretching will do the trick and help help your brain produce

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