Who Will Win The Senate, And House Races

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In this paper I will discuss my point of view on who will win the Senate, and House races. In general, we have two candidates running for Virginia Senate, Mark Warner and Ed Gillespie. The house of representatives, on the other hand, has eleven Virginia seats. So far, Mark Warner is on the lead with an average of 48.5 votes, while Ed Gillespie is catching up with an average of 38.8 votes. Being a great supporter of democrats, I believe that Mark Warner should win. His goals, such as “Lowering interest rates on student loans” as he said in CNN on July 24 2013, and many more of his achievements are things that I agree on. When it comes to the senate race, the top candidates are Mark Warner and Ed Gillespie. For someone to be a senate certain qualification are needed. These include being at least thirty years old, being a state resident for at least a day, and being a US citizen for nine years continuously. Senators serve a term of six years each, but that’s just one of the advantages of being a senate. Another can be having great salaries, senators also receive retirement and lots of beneficial health benefits. Along with many assignments, Incumbents can use government money to finance re-election campaigns. The house of representative’s seventh district has 3 candidates, Dave Brat, John Trammell, and James Carr. Out of the three, David brat is taking the role having 55% of the voters on his side. The other votes went for Eric Cantor, which is an incumbent. The minimum age
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