Who You Gon Na Call

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Based on the case, Who You Gonna Call by Kevin D. Zeiler, Nicki is working in the billing department for a large, for profit health care organization. She has been working for the company for two and a half years and was just recently promoted to senior Medicare Billing Specialist. Due to her recent promotion she has been granted the ability to information she was not able to before, she then found discrepancies surrounding the way many of the Medicare invoices were coded. She informed her supervisor. The response of the supervisor was this is how we will continue to code these documents and Nicki should focus on training and monitoring her team/staff. She found the response very strange and after six months has passed, she does not feel comfortable and does not know what to do. While Nicki was reading the paper, she read about another facility who is being investigated for Medicare fraud. In this case, Nicki should not quit, she should inform someone higher than her supervisor. Communicating to the supervisor and getting the response to leave it alone and to focus on her team. Based on how uncomfortable Nicki feels, she should speak to someone higher than the supervisor because when dealing with Medicare coding, the company must be very careful for fraud is not created. Due to how the supervisor responded there is a responsibility that the supervisor does not know the importance that must be taken when dealing with Medicare coding. Going to someone higher, they may not…
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