Who is Benedict Arnold?

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Do you know who Benedict, Arnold is? If you don’t that is a stunning result because Benedict is part of our military and countries history. He is known an American traitor due to the fact that he went to support the French in their fight with America after fighting with the French for so long. Benedict had turned intelligence about the American fortress that controlled the Hudson River. He had released valuable information about the fort for it would be able to be over run because, who, who had control of that fortress had control of the Hudson River and who, who had control of the Hudson River controlled The Revolutionary War. Benedict was lucky child to be one of two survivors from his 5 siblings. Benedict was born in Norwich, Connecticut, on January 14, 1741. He had obtained his name from his oldest brother that had passed away and had to inherit his brother’s name to keep the family tradition of the name “Benedict Arnold” continued in his family. His father was a great businessman until the time he lost 4 of his kids. He went in a great depression finding release from drinking. His escape crippled Arnold’s schooling because due to fund his father’s alcoholism they weren’t able to fund his schooling but even then his Arnold’s mother didn’t give up and found him apprenticeship with a pharmacist. To continue his working career until when he had left to support his country in the occurring wars. He had left to two deployments to combat but always returning from his mother
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