Who is Duke Ellington?

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He was born in Washington D.C but later on he moved to New York City.
He was an American composer, pianist, and bandleader. He had that career for 50 years. He was known as one of the greatest composers.
He had more than two thousand songs that where a hit at that time. He began to play the piano as a child his mom played that piano as well.
She over saw his education. Duke played professional at age 17. When he moved to New York at the year he made his own band. Ellington was more interested in baseball, but he took piano lessons instead. In
1914 he wrote his first composition, ‘’Soda Fountain Rag’’, he created by ear because he still didn’t know how to read and write music. His generations were orchestral jazz, swing, and big band. The instrument he played was the piano. He started on 1914 and ended at 1974.
Ellington melded some of the his group members and they were one of the best players in jazz. He gained a national profile through his
Orchestra appearances at the cotton club. Ellington recorded songs written by his bandsmen. His reputation increased after he died and he got awarded in 1999. In jazz he was a giant among giants. When
Ellington made the decision to leave Washington D.C he moved to
Harlem and he became one of the figures of the Harlem Renaissance.
He made eight records in 1924. Ellington had to increase from a six to eleven piece group to meet the requirement of the audition. Ellington…
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