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Who Is Jesus? Jesus is the savior. He is the one who gave up his life to forgive the sins of all humankind and to give all of us a second chance at life. Jesus is God's son, sent by God to die to save us all because God loves us and wants to give us all second chances. Growing up in a Christian home, I was taught from a young age to thank Jesus because he sacrificed himself for me and everyone I know so that we can go to Heaven. As a young child, knowing that the result of following Jesus was going to Heaven, it made it ten times easier to truly…show more content…
Mary was virgin, and gave birth to Jesus. This is the nativity story. The birth of the savior was the biggest moment in all of creation. Jesus grew up to become an activist for the poor, women, and for those who needed forgiveness. There a few things that most people, even non-Christians, know about Jesus: The first thing that comes to someone's mind when they think Jesus is about the cross. Jesus was beaten, tortured and died on the cross. He was murdered by those who believed he was anything but a good man. He willingly went through the torture and beating because that was what he was told to do by the Lord. Jesus knew he had to die to save all of our souls. He died to wash away all our sins, and now when we sin we can pray for forgiveness and automatically be forgiven by the Lord. Jesus knew this most of his life, and was ready and willing to give up his life for us. Another thing people usually think about when they think about Jesus is that he is associated with miracles. He healed a blind man, healed a leper, turned water into wine, healed a paralyzed man, and so much more. When people think Jesus, they think of the man who walked on water. Like I said at the beginning, Jesus is the savior in my eyes. I was raised in a Christian home and I was raised to believe that Jesus is who we should aspire to be like. Idolizing someone else is not a good idea; Jesus is the only perfect role model who shows us exactly how to live our lives

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