Who is Mileva Maric? Essay

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Mileva Maric

Who is Mileva Maric? What was her contribution to science? How did she make a difference in today's society? Meliva Maric was the first wife of Albert Einstein and was a skilled mathematician and physicist. Mileva was born in 1875 in Titel, Serbia. She was raised in a middle class family who was very well off. She excelled in school! She got permission to attend an all boys secondary school in Zagreb.She got awesome grades and eventually became a student at Zurich polytechnic in Switzerland (later the Swiss Federal Institute or Technology or the ETH). This is the meeting place of Albert and Mileva, were they both took courses in quantum physics they grew very fond of each other and spent every waking moment with each other studying and making theory's, he would call her endearing names like Dollie and she would call him Johnny in love letters and little notes that they wrote to each other. In 1896-1901 Albert and Mileva both studied theoretical physics. She then went to Heidelberg university. She failed most of her classes and wasn't able to get a diploma. A year later she found out she was pregnant with her and Alberts, first child a daughter named leiserl. By then Albert was working on his relativity theory and had a part time job in a patent office.She gave birth to leiserl in 1902 and the baby disappeared in 1903. The last mention of her was in a letter talking about her taking on scarlet fever. She then finally married Albert on January 6, 1903 in…

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