Who is Sidney Poitier?

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Sidney Poitier Sidney Poitier is an African American actor who helped break the color barrier through acting. He proved that anyone could improve any skill if they tried, no matter what the color of skin was. Sidney Poitier was born on Febuary 20, 1927, in Miami, Florida. Although he barely survived the first months of his life due to premature birth, his family loved him very much. However, his family was very poor, and his family was very big, so it was hard to take care of the newborn baby. Once he was seven, Poitier's family decided to move to Cat Island in the Bahamas so they could earn money working on his father's tomato farm together. There, he started school at the age of ten in a one-roomed schoolhouse. Between working at his father's farm and trying to get an education, he only got about two years of school before he had to stop at the age of twelve to help his family through a crisis at the farm. Once he got to his teen years, he started causing trouble. During his mid-teen years, Poitier's parents finally decided to send him back to Florida to stay with his older brother. Poitier then stayed with his brother until he was sixteen, when he experienced much racisim, such as ridicule and rejection from high paying jobs and good shcools. Once Poitier stopped living with his brother he applied for several lowly jobs, including washing dishes and mopping the floors after resteraunts closed. Because he no longer lived with his brother and wasn't earning
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