Who is Stephen Foster?

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Stephen Foster was a musician and songwriter during the 1800s. He wrote over 200 songs during his lifetime with tunes that are still very popular today. He didn't earn a very large sum of money for his music in his life, but he would be worth millions today if he was still alive ("Stephen Foster Biography"). Stephen Foster earned the title of "The Father of American Music". Stephen Foster became known as "The Father of American Music" because he was a child prodigy, he used his music to humanize the slaves, and he wrote songs that were extremely popular in his life and continue to be popular 150 years later. Music was an important part of Stephen Foster's childhood. The parents of Stephen Foster believed that music was not an appropriate activity for a young boy so he mainly taught himself about music. He would spend time studying the work of famous musicians such as Bach and Mozart. He learned how to play various musical instruments when he was very young (Krull 45). This early interest in music gave Stephen Foster an early love for the art of music and the aspiration of becoming a musician. Stephen Foster was a child prodigy and began to write and play songs at a very early age. "It was said that Foster couldn't sit down at the piano without playing a brand new song" (Krull 45). When Foster was a teen him and his friends created a group called the Knights of the Square Table. One of the most important activities of this group was singing. Some of Foster's earliest songs
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