Who is against fluoride being added to water and Why

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Who is against fluoride being added to water and Why This report investigates about water fluoridation, and its effects and why it is added to water. Water fluoridation is a process where fluoride is added to public drinking water. The main purpose of this is to reduce tooth decay. The dosage that is added to the water is paramount to stopping tooth decay. This process can only be achieved by physically adding the fluoride to the drinking water. When the fluoridated water is drunk it acts on the surface of the teeth building up the enamel. It also leaves low levels of fluoride in the saliva. This also reduces the decaying rate of the teeth. This practice is common among developed countries. This is where the rate of tooth decay is high.…show more content…
• Strengthening bones Some studies show that fluoride is one of the minerals that is required to build up strong bones. When fluoride is used correctly, it increases the rate in which the bones grow and makes them stronger. While the use of fluoride is beneficial, we cannot ignore the harmful effects of using fluoride. Uncontrolled fluoride intake can be very counter reproductive and sometimes lead to chronic conditions that change your lifestyle. Why unions and civil societies are against of adding fluoride in water • The practice is unethical Doctors and other medical personnel see added doses of fluoride to drinking water, as a malpractice. This is because medical ethics do not allow for any administration of drugs without the consent of the patient or a proper diagnosis. In addition, the practice also gives fluoride to people who do not need it. Not everyone is affected by tooth decay, however the system does not choose whom to give the dose and whom to skip. This leads to accumulation of fluoride in the blood system, which can lead to life threatening conditions. • The dose cannot be controlled People take different amounts of water making. This makes it difficult to regulate the dose taken by one person. In addition, fluoride is not meant to be ingested into the body, rather it is meant to be used on the surface of teeth. Athletes and those with diabetes will take more water than ordinary people will. This makes there fluoride intake more than the

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