Who is the Inspector in JB Priestley's Essay?

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Who is the inspector? In this following essay I will discuss who the inspector is and his role in the story. At first appears as a regular police inspector who is however rude and out of line but by the end of the play everything changes. Throughout the play he interrogates the Birlings and the Birlings for a crime they didn't even know they committed. However it is more likely that he is a ghost or a paranormal being or perhaps the voice of the author himself J.B Priestley. I will examine the evidence and come to a conclusion on who is the inspector. Firstly the inspector is likely to be a normal police officer. He makes it very convincing that he is a real one, for example when Mr.Birling asks if he is new he says '' Yes, sir. Only recently transferred.'' This shows how well prepared he is and he is playing the role of a normal police inspector well. He also says ''I'd like some information if you don't mind, '' he was able to conduct a full police investigation and he got the information he wanted like a normal police officer. However there are aspects of his behavior that makes us think that he is not a police officer he was often rude and out of line, speaking to Gerald Croft and the Birlings in a way a real inspector never would such as '' (cutting through, massively) I’ve been round to the room she had, and she'd left a letter there and a sort of diary'' this is very uncommon in police officers at that time because the Birlings would have been powerful enough to

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