Who moved my cheese? Essay

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Who Moved My Cheese?      I agree that fear does drive me everyday. From early in the morning until I go to bed at night. I’m afraid if I stay in bed and don’t go to work, I’ll be fired. I’m afraid if I don’t pretend to like everyone at work that they won’t like me. I’m afraid that if I tell my boss what I really think of his idea, he’ll find a way to fire me. I’m afraid that if I don’t attend the parent meeting at school, they will think I’m a bad parent. These are just a few of the fears that run through my mind.      Sometimes I wonder what life would be like to just tell people what I really think of them, instead of staying silent because I’m afraid of what they’ll think. Sometimes…show more content…
     My father left our family when I was around 12 years old and never kept any contact with us. I always wanted to call him or write him and tell him how horrible I thought he was for that. But, of course because of my fear of confrontation, I did not. Instead, I send him Christmas and birthday cards each year and pretend it never happened. It is easier to me than dealing with it. I guess you would call that, a fear of dealing with negative feelings. I will never do that to my children.      Speaking of children, I have lots of fears concerning them. I fear they will make the same mistakes I did and not learn the same valuable lessons. I fear they will be disappointed and not be able to deal with it. I fear they will grow up and not use their minds, as they should. I fear them not choosing the right path. Most of all I fear they will not be happy with themselves. The fears I have about my children are some of my greatest fears. I do not want them to be unhappy.                  I have been at my mother in-laws house before, after a big dinner and I didn’t want to help with the dishes because none my of sister in-laws would. But, I feared they would be angry with me if I didn’t help, so I did. Had I told them what I really thought I might not have to ever go back there again or I might not even be married? Then that brings on another

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