Who 's Really Blind?

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Who’s Really Blind?
In the tragic story “Oedipus the King”, Sophocles emphasizes on the idea of sight and blindness. Sight or blindness can have more than just physical characteristics; a person can have mental insight or can ensue blindness in a situation. The blindness issue remains an effective contrasting method for Oedipus at many points in the drama. It breaks down into two components: Oedipus 's ability to physically see and his willingness to see the truth in what has transpired. Even people who have 20/20 vision, can still remain blind to the truth, facts, and the complete understanding of any situation. Within his writings, Sophocles ' frequently address the ideas of sight and blindness, using them as metaphors for insight and knowledge. This will be the focal point of this essay.
Sophocles uses blindness as a metaphor for Oedipus’ ignorance in the matter of his origin. The tragic hero Oedipus, blind to the veracity of his fate he sought to avoid, came about without his knowledge. Not long after Oedipus’ birth, his ankles were pinned together and taken away from his home of Thebes left to die on a barren mountain. An oracle expresses to his father, King Liaos, "that his doom would be at the hands of his own son"(188). Acting as his biological family, the royals of Corinth cuckolds Oedipus in order to raise him without strafe. In this instance, Oedipus’ ignorance and the deception put on by his parents’ supports his own afflictions.

Later in life, Oedipus
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