Who to Blame in Romeo and Juliet´s Death? Essay

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What is most responsible for the two lovely lover-Romeo and Juliet’s death? In my opinion, there is no one particular person to really blame on their death. However, it is every single person are should be blamed for the deaths of both Romeo and Juliet. If I was answering the question of who were the few most responsible people for their tragedy-it would be three people. Because of people’s decision and different point of view, the people most responsible for the deaths of Romeo and Juliet are Lady Capulet, Nurse, and Friar Lawrence.
First of all, in my opinion the Lady Capulet wasn’t a successful mom at all. A major thing about her was that she had a different view of love. She believed that the tradition of arranged marriage was correct, as in that marriage should be arrange by parents. After Romeo climbed out of the window, Lady Capulet came in and responds, "Talk not to me, for I'll not say a word / Do as thou wilt, for I have done with thee" (3.5.15). The words that the Lady Capulet said were just horribly good, it really expressed how she is such an irresponsible mother. Because she said“ ...for I have done with thee…” which mean she is done with this situation, she quit the argument, and leave Juliet alone. As usual Juliet immediately refused her mother. She showed she only love Romeo and no one else. It can be a minor reason why she committed suicide because she got pressure from her family, while she truly loved Romeo. Did Lady Capulet really been more of a mother?…