Who to Choose from these Well-Qualified Applicants for Ashesi University College

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Excellent academic performance is one of the most important entrant requirements needed to secure admission in Ashesi University College in particular and all other Universities in general. Excellent academic performance is visibly available and therefore the most easy requirement for us, the directors of admissions to have access to.

In recent times, we the directors have gone further to take into account other qualities / characteristics which we feel is needed in addition to excellent academic performance as a basis to consider when admitting students into the higher academic environment. These we believe will serve to compliment the high academic performance expected of each student and also to prepare them to face the challenges of life after University. It must also be noted that, though crucial, Excellent academic performance is not the only thing that guarantees the success of an individual. Any individual may be failing academically but due to other qualities and characteristics he possesses, such as the ability to express himself / herself, passion for the chosen field and good judgement, he / she may be able to achieve the life goals he / she have set for himself. This is also why other factors, apart from academic excellence, need to be looked at.

As a director of admission of Asheshi University College, I will be looking out for the following skill sets in addition to academic achievements through written tests and conducting interviews.

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