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Nick Zawisa Strategic Management September 23, 2010 Case Study: Whole Foods Market Since 1980, Whole Foods Markets has grown from a small local store in Austin, Texas, to the largest retail chain of natural and organic foods in the United States. Whole Foods has been leading the natural and organic foods movement across the United States, working to gain acceptance among the growing number of consumers interested in eating healthier foods. The company has built a reputation for being selective in the products sold and only providing its customers with the highest quality foods available. The mission of the company is to advance the cause of long term sustainable agriculture practices while promoting a cleaner environment. Thus,…show more content…
Just as the USDA labeling standards created opportunity for the company it created threats as well. Whole Foods is a socially active company that works to improve the communities in which they operate. They work to educate the community about key issues that could affect their health and well being through in-store brochures, presentations to groups, and postings on the company website. Aside from this, the company demonstrates its social commitment through donations, promoting natural and environmentally sound farming practices, and food donations to third world countries, just to name a few. Being a structurally sound company with distinct mission, vision, and values, it’s difficult to argue that Whole Foods isn’t on the right track to success. In my opinion, I think that Whole Foods has a great mission to provide its customer with the highest quality of natural and organic foods, but I think that they should attempt to work closer with their regional and national suppliers to drive down prices. I could redefine their mission to, providing customers with the highest quality of natural and organic foods at the lowest price possible. Similarly the vision of Whole Foods is important with the emphasis on being the best in the grocery industry, but I feel that the need to incorporate the importance of

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