Whole Foods Company Analysis

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Whole Food

Company History

With a $10,000 loan from his father, John Mackey started SaferWay Natural Foods in Austin, Texas, in 1978. Two years later SaferWay merged with Clarksville Natural Grocery, and Whole Foods Market was born. Seeking capital to expand even more, the company raised $23 million by going public in early 1992 with 12 stores. Every competitor in the fragmented health foods industry became a potential acquisition, and the chain began growing rapidly. In 1998 Whole Foods opened its first store in Boulder -- a 39,000-sq.-ft. superstore with amenities such as a juice bar and a prepared foods section. In 2000 Whole Foods merged its online operations (wholefoods.com) with its direct marketing and nutritional
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In order to have certified U. S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) the product must be at least 95% or 100% organic, and at least 70% organic will not have USDA label. The industry also provides their customers with natural foods by not adding these chemical such as: pesticides, antibiotics, hormones, synthetic chemical, artificial fertilizes preservatives, dyes or additives, or genetic engineering. Another company’s key success factor is that they take great care of their employees by provided them with stock option, health insurance, dental & vision plan, and employees will have 50% discount. By taking care of employees, the employees will work harder, focus and employees feel comfortable and enjoyable at their work.

Foods Driving Forces ● Products offered: Whole Food sales high quality natural and organic Whole food products are fresh, clean, and nutritional. products. Whole Food products include 30,000 natural, organic and gourmet product. Fresh produce, organic meat and poultry, fresh seafood, daily baked foods, fine quality cheeses, dried fruit and nuts, wines and beer, coffee and tea. In addition they offer body care products, pet food. They sell healthy prepared food, fresh produces, variety of cheeses, baked goods, wines, organic care products.( book pages C10 – C11) ● Services offered: Depending on the location of the stores and they size of the stores, Whole foods offer a variety of services. For
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