Whole Foods: Company Goals And Values

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John Mackey has done an excellent job leading the company and the growth over the last couple of decade’s show that with revenue growth year over year at 20 percent compounded. Whole Foods achieve this growth by aiming and capitalizing on the interest of consumers what a more nutritious diet when no one else competitor paying attention to this need. While you can criticize Whole Foods on price you never hear someone criticize Whole Foods on their quality of their products which are also the best on the market. We know everyone buys this message by the a team member at a Whole Foods store in Texas when he said “I feel like we’re a part of making the world a better place”(Thompson pg 294). Whole Foods is clearly walking the walk and the employee and bought into the company motto.…show more content…
Such as the Whole Foods core value to satisfy and delight their customers. The way the store employees seem to take this to heart and you can see it in the way they try to be helpful and curious to their customers. The core that seems to most clearly take place is “We appreciate and celebrate the difference natural and organic products can make in the quality of one’s life”(Thompson pg 281). This is evident in the New York whole foods by stocking exotic items like preserved lemons from Morocco or fig jam from Lebanon. By having happy employees and stocking items no one else can provided you create and environment that no one else can copy and brings in customers by the
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