Whole Foods Is Most Likely To Finance The Investment Project

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Whole Foods is most likely to finance the investment project through equity and debt. The corporation is taking on a capital budgeting project which involves planning and managing long-term investments. The financial manager studies the investment opportunities that would guarantee the company future success. Financial managers help the company to analyze how much cash they expect to receive and when they expect to receive it. In this type of project usually, the value of cash flow generated by an asset exceeds the cost of that asset. Calculating the size, timing, and risk of future cash flows is the core of capital budgeting. In the balance sheet, many items would be affected, long-term assets which include property, plant, and equipment…show more content…
Shareholders want results and returns immediately while management knows it would take strategic planning to take the investment forward, it can lead to an agency cost. The project is a risky venture because it can bring many disagreements between managers and stockholders putting aside the company’s long-term objectives and goals to increase the value. Financial decisions in marketing are to increase sales and demand, therefore it helps to improve return on equity. As said before a market research is necessary for each designated location and to learn about the mass market they are about to enter. Finance helps to fund and implement marketing strategy which is crucial in the future to generate loyal customers, the most profitable customers for a company. The product mix is going to grow in its all four dimensions and would take financial decisions from the marketing managers to see what products are convenient for the customers. Financial decisions in operations deal mainly with the supply chain. To keep customers satisfied is necessary to invest heavily in logistics, technology, and inventory. Finance keeps track of every monetary move made by the company, like paying bills and collecting money generated. In other words, it assists to cut unnecessary operating costs and seek ways to improve the business operations by measuring performance.
The DuPont identity breaks down return on equity in three measures. Operating efficiency is

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