Whole Foods : It 's Incredible Rise Over The Past 34 Years

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EXECUTION Whole Foods’ incredible rise over the past 34 years serves as evidence of their considerable ability to create a strategy and successfully execute it. Whole Foods differentiated itself by becoming the first Certified Organic grocer in the United States (1) and has stuck to the strategy of selling consumers organic and natural products. The successful execution of this strategy has allowed them to charge a premium for their products giving them higher net margins than nearly all of their competitors. (2) Their ability to earn such premiums has attracted the attention of industry incumbents who are now attempting to lure the increasingly health-conscious consumer with their own expanded offerings of organic and natural foods. For Whole Foods Market to retain their ability to earn such impressive premiums and sustain their growth they will have to execute on their strategy with even greater precision. “No firm can succeed for long without an intense focus on execution. Average executors are average performers, and poor executors risk decline and failure.” (3) Resources & Capabilities The basis of a firms ability to successfully execute any strategy lie in it’s resources and capabilities.The greatest plan in the world means nothing without the means to carry it out. Resources, defined in the text Modern Competitive Strategy are: “relatively observable, tradable asset[s] that contributes to a firm’s market position by improving customer value, lowering cost, or both.”

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