Whole Foods Market Case Essay

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Whole Foods Overview Whole Foods Market is a natural and organic grocery store that strives to provide its customers with the highest quality foods and freshest foods available. They want to commit to making shopping at their many stores around the world an enjoyable and interesting experience that will make people want to come back and shop. They are trying to reach out to more customers especially with the way the economy is to be able to build their empire even greater. Whole Foods is a market leader who is continuing to grow every year. Strategy Whole Foods Market has a fairly simple strategy, provide the best natural and organic food that they can find from local farmers to their loyal customers. Whole Foods wants to…show more content…
Whenever I have walked into a Whole Foods I do not get the feeling that it looks like the last one I have been in, it makes me want to explore the store and see what is new and different from the last one. This is a great model for them to build upon and something that I believe more stores need to explore. Whole Foods marketing strategy of not spending a bunch on commercials and billboards and relying more on word of mouth seems to be working just fine. I work in a grocery store myself and most of the time customers do not say that they heard our ad on the radio or television but that they heard about our great sale from a friend. In my experience people will listen to what their friends and family have to say about a certain store over something they read about before going shopping. The more that a company can rely on its valuable customers and employees to spread the word about how great their store is, means more money in the companies pockets. At Whole Foods they try to use the team approach for their employees where everyone helps each other. This is a great model to keep employees happy and working together. I have seen the opposite of this strategy first hand and I know how bad it is when you cannot rely on your coworkers to help out when it is needed. By working in small teams within the overall store gives each employee an opportunity to try and become a leader and to move up within the

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