Whole Foods Market Corporate Social Respinsiblity(CSR) Essay

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Introduction In today’s society is it becoming increasingly more difficult for companies to stay competitive in their industry. Even established brands eventually die out due to growing competition from other companies. Corporations are having a difficult time figuring out a strategy that keeps them at the top of their game. Recently, there has been an increased interest in the strategic value of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility). Corporate advertising is changing dramatically, appealing to consumer’s ethos using the causes that matter most in their lives. It is important for consumers to understand the manipulation that comes along with the CSR strategy. Skepticism about companies’ goals is crucial when making the right consumer…show more content…
The idea of corporate social responsibility (CSR) has been around since the 1920s, but did not become known in the business world until the 1950s (Smith 10). In the past two decades CSR moved from “strategically disconnected philanthropic giveaways to an integrated business strategy” (McElhaney 30). Throughout the decades, CSR has been given many definitions between the academic and corporate discourse. Many experts believe there should be a consensus to one main definition, to successfully spread the idea globally and have an impact on society. In his graduate thesis, Richard Smith, presents a new definition for the CSR business strategy. He states “corporate social responsibility is a business system that enables the production and distribution of wealth for the betterment of its stakeholders through the implementation and integration of ethical systems and sustainable management practices” (p4). He argues that the implementation of all the parts-production and distribution of wealth, stakeholder management, ethical systems, sustainable management practices-should be looked at as a whole system instead of focusing on the details of each one. Many times businesses look at each part separately. Smith emphasizes the companies ethical practices affect the attitude of the stakeholders, and the businesses care of the stakeholders affect the companies wealth and ability to practice the CSR, or much at all. Like Smith, Kellie

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