Whole Foods Market, Inc

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Whole Foods Market, INC (ticker: WFM) one of the main leaders in supermarket/grocery industry. The company opened its first store in 1980 in Austin, Texas and it was among few supermarkets that were providing natural products. (1) Whole Foods Market was the first store to emphasis on organic food with a clear mission to be a provider of products with the highest quality. Whole Foods started expanding into different states across United States by mergers and acquisitions. Their first international expansion was into Canada in 2002, followed by and acquisition of seven Fresh & Wild stores in United Kingdom in 2004 which was the largest chain of organic grocery stores. (2) In order to lock their strong presence Whole Foods needed to make sure that their mission is heard and that they are faithful to their values. They are known for the highest quality products, before a product is available for purchase in stores it first goes through multiple steps of quality control and only when the requirements are met, the product makes it way to shelves. In order to satisfy organic standard, products need USDA approval, which prohibits the use of genetically modified organisms, pesticides, use of antibiotics or growth hormones in livestock. (3) Whole Foods is an environmentally sustainable, an example would be that they encourage their shoppers to either reuse shopping bags or they provide paper bags that are recyclable, they also donate good amount of money for environmental

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