Whole Foods Market Inc.

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Overview: Whole Foods Market is a retailer company that has one operating segment of natural and organic foods supermarkets. It seeks out the finest natural and organic foods available to maintain the strictest quality standards in the industry, as well as obtain an immovable commitment to unending agriculture. Whole Foods Market has been operating 362 stores within the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom since 2013. Whole Foods Market offers a wide collection of natural and organic products with an importance on unpreserved foods. The company offers a massive variety of products from groceries, catering and prepared foods, body care, lifestyle products, and supplements. Aside from the products, the company established many more brands such as ‘365 Organic Everyday Day Value’, ‘Health Starts Here’, and ‘Whole Fields’, just to name a few that emphasize an approach to eating healthy by building better meals and endorsing animal welfare on ranches and farm. Whole Foods Market Inc. is known as America’s healthiest grocery store. The company has been recognized as “Most Admired 2015 Companies” and “Top 100 Companies to Work For” by Fortune for eighteen years, stating, “The supermarket chain has redefined grocery shopping in the U.S”. The establishment has been also been ranked at number 3 on the list of America’s most reputable companies in the retail industry. The recognitions and awards represent the decades of passion and dedication of the Whole Foods Market’s

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