Whole Foods Market Is Responsible For Protection Of Human Health And The Environment

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Introduction About Whole Foods Market Whole Foods Market is a supermarket chain launched in 1980 and is the first certified organic grocer in the United States. They are a growing chain with 462 locations all around the world as of 2016 with more than 90,000 employees. Whole Foods underpinning culture is to sell the highest quality of organic products to meet the needs of every customers, while supporting their team members value. Introduction to the Topic Whole Foods received a warning letter from Federal and Drug Administration (FDA) and paid $3.5 million fine to Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in June and September of 2016. FDA is responsible for regulating food, dietary supplements, drugs, biological medical products etc. EPA is…show more content…
Specific details about their violations are listed as well. It also mentions what Whole Foods response was upon receiving the warning letter. Summary of “Whole Foods Must Clean Up Its Act, FDA says” FDA found Listeria at multiple manufacturing facilities of Whole Foods and found out ready-to-eat foods such as pesto pasta, egg salad, and quesadilla were being prepared under insanitary conditions. Inspectors took 100 environmental samples on surfaces where food touches and surfaces that doesn’t and found Listeria on food contact surfaces. It also mentions how Whole Foods response and solutions weren’t accepted as appropriate at first. Summary of “Whole Foods Strike 3.5 million deal with EPA over wastes” As part of the deal with EPA, Whole Foods will pay $3.5 million in penalty and run a program to promote hazardous waste compliance as an environmental project. The company will carefully look at possible hazardous items such as bleach, fluorescent bulbs, nail polish remover and more to prevent from repeating the same mistake. Whole Foods has hired experts, updated environmental compliance standard, and invested in an information technology system. Analysis Position Mapping Analysis of Position Map A position map (aka perception map) is a visual tool developed by a

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