Whole Foods Market Maintains Its Early Mover Advantage

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Key Rivals Whole Foods Market maintains its early mover advantage against its most direct competitors. Their main rival is Sprouts Farmer’s Market. Sprouts was founded by the Boney family and opened their first store in 2012. Like Whole Foods, Sprouts growth is credited to acquisitions and new store development. Sprout focuses on selling fresh organic produce, and natural products, but the firm prides themselves on offering products at a reasonable price. Sprouts foods sales was 3.3 billon compared to Whole Foods 15.4 billon. Although Sprouts offer lower prices, Whole Foods continues to have a high percentage of sales in the organic food industry. Sprout is not the market leader in the natural organic industry, but continues to grow and take shares from Whole Foods. The Market other main rival is Trader Joe’s, and has been voted one of America’s favorite grocery stores for the past three years. Trader Joe’s is a privately held business that began as a chain of convenience stores in 1958, but became grocery store in 1967. It is California based company that sell raw, natural, and organic products. Trader Joe’s sells and package foods under their name, also selling inexpensive and innovative products. Compared to Whole Foods is small and only have 165 stores, and have plans to open more stores in the Unites States. Their competitive pricing, great customer service, and high quality food is closing in on the organic food market. The big mainstream grocery stores like

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