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Business Policy and Strategic Management
Spring 2009

Team C

Section 1: Case Study of Whole Foods 1 1.1 Historical Background 1 1.2 Organization Mission 1 1.3 The External Environment 2 1.3.1 Remote Environment 2 1.3.2 Industry Environment 3 1.3.3 Operating Environment 3 1.4 The Internal Environment 4 1.5 Generic Strategy 4 1.6 Long-Term Objectives 5 1.7 Grand Strategies 6 1.8 Short-Term Objectives 6 1.9 Functional Tactics 7 1.10 Strategy Execution Policies 8 1.11 Executive Bonus Compensation Plans 8 1.12 Organizational Structure, Culture, and Leadership 9 1.13 Strategic Control 10 1.14 Innovation 10
Section 2: Identification of Key Strategic Issues
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[6] See Appendix B for more about the Whole Foods Foundation. As a result of the green movement, Whole Foods has added the 3R’s to their green mission: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.[7] See Appendix C for more about the Whole Foods green movement. Whole Foods has many important values. For example, they believe that their customers are the most important stakeholders and the lifeblood of their business.[8] Whole Foods has five major stakeholders; John Mackey (CEO), James Sud, Glenda Chamberlain, Walter Robb, and John Elstrott.[9] Whole Foods selectively chose where to do business based on their average customer. Whole Foods knows that its products are for health and food enthusiasts.[10]

1.3 The External Environment

Whole Foods, just like any other retailer right now, has been struggling with the economy. The external environment has been changing in uphill and downhill motions daily, something that Whole Foods has never experienced before. Not only is there pressure on the financials of the corporation, but also there is the pressure to go green. Whole Foods has to pay close attention to its remote, industry, and operating environments to make sure that they choose the best directions and actions available for its organizational structure and internal processes.

1.3.1 Remote Environment

The remote environment has recently taken a huge hit for all

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