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Competitive Forces and SWOT Analysis: Whole Foods Market
Peter Smtih
Dr. Roy
BUS599, Strayer University
October 23, 2011

Competitive Forces and SWOT analysis: Whole Foods Market 1. Discuss the trends in retailing of organic foods and the impact of these trends on Whole Foods Market.
The organic foods industry is one that shows consistent growth. From year to year, they are undergoing an increase in demand. There are a number of factors that contribute to the industry’s growth. These factors include more consumers being educated, and conscious of health concerns of processed foods having a negative impact on their body and the environment. Trends in the retailing of organic foods would include the ups and downs in the
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By using our textbook definitions we are able to determine that Whole Foods Market and other organic markets have a mediocre rating of suppliers. As time moves forward, this might increase or decrease but right now suppliers are limited.
Threats of substitute goods or services are based on few factors. These factors include how freely available and attractively priced these substitutes are, the view of consumers pertaining to substitutes even qualifying, and the costs of switching to the substitutes. Threats are high when there are a hefty number of alternatives to products being offered. Low percentage of threats is based on few alternatives for substituting organic products. In the organic market, threats are low because there are many barriers to qualify for products being considered organic. The USDA has established stipulations as to what qualifies for organic purity. These categories are specific and in order to be considered a valid threat, substitute goods must fit within them.
Threats of new entrants are based on the level of difficulty when trying to enter into this market. The threats are considered high if it is easy to enter the market and low when it is difficult to surpass barriers to enter markets. These threats can be based on laws,

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