Whole Foods Market : The Best Natural And Organic Foods

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Whole Foods Market prides themselves as being America’s healthiest grocery store. The store finds the best natural and organic foods available to fulfill the strictest quality standards in the industry and maintains a commitment to sustainable agriculture. In 1980 it was founded in Austin, Texas when four local businesspeople decided the natural foods industry needed a supermarket format. The founders were John Mackey, Renee Lawson Hardy, Craig Weller, and Mark Skiles. Most of the growth in the company has been though merger and acquisitions (Whole Foods Market).The mission and vision statements establish Whole Foods Market’s identity and individuality. Whole Foods Market did a great job with its vision statement. It tells you what the…show more content…
This is proven by the company’s spot on the FORTUNE magazine’s “100 best Companies to work For”. Whole Foods Market has been on the list every year since the list began in 1998. The company employs more than 80,000 employees. Walter Robb, Co- CEO, believes that employees’ happiness and health is essential. The key to achieving this is investing in employees’ personal and professional growth. The company encourages self-motivation and responsibility for personal success. The company offers various forms of assistance for team members who want to further their potential (Whole Foods Market). Overall, Whole Foods market strives for an egalitarian culture. The company established a policy to cap its executive salaries at no more than 19 times that of the average worker. The company’s unique gain-sharing plan rewards teams for coming under budget too (100 Best Companies). COMPANY STRATEGY The purpose of a business-level strategy is to create differences between the firm’s position and those of its competitors (Hitt, Duana, and Hoskisson). I think Whole Foods Strategy is differentiation. The store provides organic and natural food that are unique and valued to a certain market. Since the market of people perceived the product to being superior, they are willing to spend more money. Whole Foods Market is known to have more expensive products than most grocery stores. The company focuses on having the strictest
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