Whole Foods Market in 2008: Vision, Core Values, and Strategy

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Case Study Analysis for Whole Foods Market

This paper is an analysis of Whole Foods Market’s vision, core values, and business strategy. It lays out the type of strategy that Whole Foods Market utilizes, what parts of this strategy work and what parts could use improvement. This case study analysis concludes that Whole Foods Market has a very good business strategy, has a strong, clear vision, and lives by its core values. With only a few minor recommendations, Whole Foods Market can and should climb its way back to the top.

Case Study Analysis for Whole Foods Market Whole Foods Market captured around 11 percent of the total natural or organic sales from the
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Whole Foods Market purchased the struggling Wild Oats Markets, their biggest competitors, in 2007. This acquisition brought on a whole new set of strategizing options because the Wild Oats Market stores were much smaller stores than what Whole Foods Market had currently been using (Gamble et al. 2010). It was also part of Whole Foods Market’s strategy to relocate smaller stores to larger sites with more visibility and parking. Early in 2008, Whole Foods Market had 89 stores averaging 51,500 square feet in different stages of development. 13 of these stores were over 65,000 square feet and 15 stores were in new geographic markets. Altogether Whole Foods Market has stores in 36 states (Gamble et al. 2010).
Wide Variety in its Product Line Up Whole Foods Market has a strategy of reaching many, many customers by giving them what they want. Due to different sizes of stores and different kinds of customers, product and brand selection does vary from store to store, however the large scale stores include around 30,000 natural, organic, and gourmet food and nonfood items. Different items in the product line up of Whole Foods Market include: Fresh produce, meat and poultry, fresh seafood, a selection of daily baked goods, prepared foods, fine quality cheeses, olives, chocolates, and confections, a wide selection of dried fruits, nuts, and spices,

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