Whole Foods Market 's Vision Essay

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Whole Foods Market opened its first store in Austin, Texas way back in 1980. Ever since then, Whole Foods Market has grown to become the world’s largest natural and organic foods supermarket. They have partnered with all kinds of suppliers and customers since they first started that have helped them grow to where they are now. Whole Foods Market’s motto is “Whole Foods, Whole People, Whole Planet.” This motto makes it clear what Whole Foods Market’s vision is, and that vision is for a better tomorrow for the planet and the people that inhabit it. Whole Foods Market is a leader in its industry because they have made an effort to carry out conscious capitalism. Although they are a business at the top of its class, they don’t solely focus on personal profits but they care more about creating shared value that brings mutually beneficial relations. Whole Foods Market’s principals are what is going to keep them at the top of their industry for a long time.
Summary of Positive/Negative Factors
Positive Factors:
1. Whole Foods Market is purchasing or generating more than 20 percent of its total national power load from green power sources per year, comparable to removing 8,600 cars from the road per year. Whole Foods Market is making significant green power purchases throughout the United States. In some states such as California, Colorado, and New Mexico, Whole Foods Market is 100 percent green powered Whole Foods Market also has solar panels to generate renewable
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