Essay on Whole Foods Market's Tipping Point

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In his book, The Tipping Point: How little things can make a big difference (2000), Malcolm Gladwell highlights the power of intelligent action and the potential of little changes for starting epidemics. Concepts such as the law of few, the stickiness factor, and the power of context arouse epidemics both in macro-level and in micro-level. In detail, the law of few affirms the influence on communication. Connectors, mavens, and salesmen each has abilities to conjoin, collect, and cajole; they distribute information globally. The stickiness factor refers to a technique, which emphasize and allow information to stick in the minds of consumers. Last, the power of context stresses that both individual’s reaction and community’s cohesion can…show more content…
It was a huge hit because there are less than six organic grocery stores in the nation. Knowing his vision well, John Mackey, the main founder put his dream into action. He used his ability as a connector, someone who has broad social network, to integrate others people’s ideas. Soon, expansion came to place starting from Dallas to New Orleans. In order to guarantee each store’s success, he did thorough research on social class, eating habit, and supply and demand. He took his action deliberately. The mergers with great reputation brands not only elevated Whole Foods Market’s character, but also stabled its market position. In 1991, Wellspring Grocery joined Whole Foods Market. Similar to Whole Food, Wellspring Grocery started with a positive attitude toward changing the market. Unlike other grocery stores, it wanted to bring healthy diet on shelves, rather than pills and canned food. This idea brought attention to what people are consuming daily. Second merger happened one year after Wellspring Grocery’s success. Bread and Circus, a company that used to sell natural food and wooden toys, valued costumer’s opinion. Costumers were happy to shop in Bread and Circus. Its expeditiously expansion caught Whole Foods Market’s attention. In order to stable its market not only in Taxes, it decided to purchase Bread and Circus. Last, Mrs. Gooch’s, a grocery store that targeted on allergic

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