Whole Group Observation

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Throughout the learning segment, students will be given opportunities that will support, individual, small group, and whole group instruction. On the first day of the learning segment, the students will be given a classroom survey that consists of asking six questions where they will work whole-group. With each question, they will be creating a fraction with the data they collect. Upon completing their survey, the students will work independently to complete a bar model chart using the fractions/data collected from the survey. If there are any students who are not understanding the activity, I will be walking around during this time to assist. The students will also be permitted to talk in their groups to solve any issues that arise. There…show more content…
To further apply their prior knowledge, we will then create a Freyer model as a class. The students will be asked to work individually to complete the model and they will then be given to opportunity to work in the teams to discuss their answers and solve any questions that arise. During this time, I will walk around and be available for guidance as I check for understanding. To get the students thinking about unit fraction in a bar model, they will be asked as a group to complete a bank fraction strips page in a classroom race. For the Tier II student in the classroom, she will be given the opportunity to complete any unfinished graded work at home with her parents. Additionally, throughout the activity, I will make frequent trips to her table to offer further guidance or answer any questions. If there are other students who need additional assistance, I will answer questions or encourage deeper learning along the way. Otherwise, we will create small groups the next day that will attempt to get those students up to a target…show more content…
Furthermore, I have tried to incorporate all types of learning styles too. For visual: we are watching a YouTube video on fractions, for audio we are repeating a riddle, for kinesthetic we are getting up and putting ourselves on the number line. The end of each lesson is an EXIT Ticket to allow for any changes or preparations to be made for the next day. After the third learning segment, that EXIT Ticket will be the
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