Whole Lotta Shakin Going On Summary

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Boone, Walter H., and Mandie B. Robinson. "Whole Lotta Shakin' Going On": Recent Studies Link Fracking and Earthquakes." Defense Counsel Journal82.1 (2015): 68. Web. 26 Mar. 2016. Walter Boone and Mandie Robinson, both partners with the Forman, Perry, Watkins, Krutz & Tardy, LLP law firm for over 10 years, question whether or not earthquakes and the recently new innovation of fracking have a direct correlation with each other, and introduce some legal issues associated with them. Boone and Robinson focus on two articles referenced as the “Keranen” study in which they assert their opinions about the results. The authors seem as though they don’t completely believe what was written in the “Keranen” study and it is evident throughout their word choice and tone. They agree that there is an underlying layer of skepticism that covers this specific topic, however, they cite a collection of articles for various facts and statistics that show a definitive rise in…show more content…
The various information about legal issues and scientific studies surrounding the correlation between fracking and earthquakes mentioned by Boone and Robinson will aide in showing the implications and risks of fracking and the need for regulations to prevent any more disasters.
Finkel, Madelon L., and Adam Law. "The Rush to Drill for Natural Gas: A Public Health Cautionary Tale." American Journal of Public Health 101.5 (2011): 784-85. Web. 26 Mar. 2016. Both authors Madelon Finkel, Ph.D., and Adam Law, MD implore a growing urgency for the need to regulate and research the dangers and health implications that the fracking process can have on the general public. Madelon
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