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Summary of findings
The Article entitled “Pertussis (Whooping Cough)- Pertactin-Negative Pertussis Strains” is about trying to figure out whether the Pertussis (whooping cough) is becoming more prominent across the United States because the lack of protein called Pertactin or because the Pertactin is present. Pertactin is a protein that helps bacteria attach to the lining of the airways. Pertactin is one of many key components of all pertussis vaccines in the United States. There was a study published in January of 2015 that discovered that if a person who has had the pertussis vaccination catches pertussis, it is more than likely to be a result of a Pertactin-deficient strain. But, in
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Reaction, Solution or Recommendation
The Pertussis is something that maybe parents don’t take seriously because it’s a possibility they believe it will never happen to their child. A strong recommendation to help decreases the cases of pertussis is to be stricter with shot requirements such as children can’t enter school or daycare without it and if they aren’t able to afford it because of issues with insurance, they should be offered the shot at a discount rate so that low-income families would qualify for it.

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