Whoops-A-Sacrifice Children

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19.11.15 Today, when the children arrived at the nursery, it was Sophie’s turn to be the special helper. She collected the board from the door and took the register as normal. There were 9 children in the yellow bumblebee group today so we all helped her draw 9 circles by counting them as she went along. Karen asked the children what the weather was like outside today and they all shouted that it was raining so Sophie selected the umbrella from the wall and stuck it down beside the date. The children sang Frere Jacques because it was raining, some of them didn’t really know the words but they gave it a pretty good go. Welcome time was a bit shorter today because time had to be made to fit in practicing for their nativity which was called Whoops-a-daisy…show more content…
However one day she got a very important job to tell everyone about the birth of Jesus Christ. I was given a small booklet with the songs that the children had to sing so that I could help them get used of the words. They had a run through of all the songs today with the music, some of the boys did seem a bit restless and uninterested while doing this and a few had to be told off on some occasions. The children were reminded that the auditions for all the talking parts like Whoops-a-daisy angle, the snowflakes and the other angels would be held next week. After practicing was over I was asked to help Deborah make crispy cakes with a small group of children. We all had to wash our hands and put on aprons before we began. We passed round small blocks of chocolate to each child and asked them to break it up and put it in a large bowl. Deborah then put this large bowl into the microwave until the chocolate was melted. The children the poured in a small bowl of rice crispies to the chocolate and took turns each at stirring so that all the rice crirpies were coated in chocolate. The children put out paper ramekins onto a tray and I spooned even amount of the mixture into them. Deborah put them in the fridge to set so that they could be taken home later today by all the boys…show more content…
He was very excited about it and told me he would bring in his toy from his happy meal next week so I could see it. Once everyone was finished the children went and brushed their teeth. I helped my colleagues to tidy up any mess and wipe down the tables while the children were doing so. As it raining heavily outside today the children went into the gym hall to play instead. Deborah brought through a CD which had loads of fun games on, the children played musical statues. The winner was Alexander so he was told he could get a sticker when we went back into the nursery. The children were then told they could run about and play what they wanted. It was time to put shoes and jackets on so I went out and helped the boys and girls with that. They collected their bags and went inside to wait to be picked up. Today Margaret read a book to everyone called Smiley Shark. The book was about a shark who liked to smile but had no friends because everyone thought his teeth were scary. The children seemed to listen a lot more when Margaret read them a book than when I did. Deborah handed out the set rice crispy cakes to the boys and girls while they were listening to the story. The children were then picked up from the nursery and I helped to dry the dishes from the dishwasher
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