Who's Afraid of Virginia Wolf?

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The Relationship Between Martha and George

Edward Albee was an American playwright producer and director. He was born on March 12, 1928 probably in Virginia. He was adopted at an early age, which influenced him to write about characters that are different. His writings were characterized by realism; fidelity to life as perceived and experienced, and were considered to be absurd dramas. Albee, in Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?, portrays a primitive sex struggle between a middle aged couple; the relationship between George and Martha is acted out in a series of games in which one sex dominates the other through unapparent love, weapons that each have mastered, and the most hurtful insult, the revealing of the hidden truth.
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a novel about a naughty boy-child who killed his mother and father dead...And Daddy said... "Look here, I will not let you publish such a thing"(Albee,133,4). Another one of George's big insecurities was an incident from his childhood. For one of the most hurtful insults she reveals this secret to the guests. "And you want to know the clincher? You want to know what the big brave Georgie said to Daddy?....Georgie said ...But sir it isn't a novel at all... this is the truth...this really happened .... TO ME!"(136,7). But Martha also had some skeletons in her closet; and George knew which ones to bring out. One of Martha's biggest insecurities is her infertility. In the final act titled "Exorcism",George exposes her secret to equal the humiliation . The mentioning of their imaginary son leads George to triumph in the last battle and brings Martha to the most excruciating pain and torture. "An exorcism serves to remove all that is unreal from both George and Martha. An exorcism of final despair eliminates all fantasy and returns them to reality, or to the point where new rules and new games can be advised"(Lewis,89). The relationship portrayed by Albee is one that is captivating and complex. It shows that underneath all the hate, there is also love; And the middle aged couple truly do understand and appreciate one another. Both characters depicted in this play have mastered the skills and use their
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