Who's to Say What's Real

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Who's To Say What's Real Many people often wonder what is real in their lives, especially whether the idea of heaven and God is real or not. Some think that what cannot be proved with facts is not real, where as others revolve their lives around the possibility of there being more after they pass on. Everyone has doubts in their religion, even preachers which is shown in the movie Heaven Is For Real. The movie seeks to explore if heaven truly is real after a small boy claims to have experienced it during his near death experience. Many people including his family doubt him but as the movie goes on they begin to come around, starting with his father, then his mother and then followed by the members of his church. The movie Heaven Is For Real takes place in a small town in the point of view of the Burpo family. They are a religious family and the father is a preacher at their church. Though everyone has their doubts about their religion during times, you wouldn't expect a pastor to. This however changes when their son suffers from appendicitis and goes through a near death experience and claims to have visited heaven. All of the stories that he returns with cause his family and others to question their faith and whether or not there truly is a heaven "I saw angels and they were singing to me" (Colton Burpo) . Though his parents do not believe him at first they do start to come around, the father much sooner than the mother. Towards the end of the movie when the son has a
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