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CASE 3: Whose Turn Is It To Polish The Apple? GROUP 2 - CASE 3 Whose Turn Is It To Polish The Apple? Page 2 of 5 I. Synthesis Locked in an inward looking, closed culture that was proven effective for quite some time, Apple operated in a double agent corporate environment that eventually turned catastrophic to the organization. The founders, Steven Jobs and Stephen Wozniak, relied on their guiding principles: “Do your own thing, defy the pessimists and ignore the Establishment.” Such custom gave birth to what would be Apple’s “insanely great” Mac, largely patronized and loved by users. When the shortcomings of the existing renegade corporate culture started to surface, Apple’s doomsday was inevitable causing changes in the…show more content…
Because of the freedom exercised by every creator in the company, inimitable novelties gave Apple a leadership position in the industry where it belongs. However, the price of corporate liberalism was too expensive as it produced renegades ready to clash with their colleagues in the company to prove their point and, thus, causing frictions. ▪ As expounded by Racelis (2005), “culture has been found to be a completely different component that also may contribute significantly to organizational functioning, in addition to systems, structure and people.” Apple’s anti-thesis corporate culture that ultimately caused mismanagement confirms her assertions and proves unbeneficial to the organization in the end. In effect, the practice became a major cause to the dwindling operations. ▪ In his theory about the dynamics of corporate failure, Sull (1999) demonstrates the disastrous effects of active inertia. He explains that, “Active inertia is an organization’s GROUP 2 - CASE 3 Whose Turn Is It To Polish The Apple? Page 3 of 5 tendency to follow established patterns of behavior – even in response to dramatic environmental shifts. Stuck in the modes of thinking and working that brought success in the past, market leaders simply accelerate all their tried-and-true activities. In trying to dig themselves out of a hole, they just deepen it.” Just like in the case of Apple, the renegade corporate culture started

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