Whsmith Marketing Strategy

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WHSMITH In the context of global expansion and competition of numerous businesses, effective marketing management is one of the key factors of success, playing an essential role in obtaining competitive advantage. Hence, the success of a company is determined by its ability to identify customers’ needs and offering products and/or services to satisfy them. WHSmith is a UK brand with world-wide recognition, best known for its chain of shops selling books, stationery, newspapers, magazines and entertainment products. In the last few years, the high street market has experienced a significant slowdown in economic activities. This includes a rise in tougher competition along with a decrease in customer spending, which has challenged…show more content…
WHSmith can be broken down into 3 market segments. Firstly, the High Street division accounts for 565 stores in prominent locations with a high footfall (WHSmith PLC). Secondly, the Travel division consists of 490 retail outlets in airports, railway stations, motorway service stations and hospitals. Thirdly, the company operates online. Through the product range offered and the middle-range price level, WHSmith targets a wide demographic in terms of age, income level and family life cycle. Geographically, the store location catchment is relatively wide due to their prominent locations. Demographically, family gate-keepers and browsing husbands are targeted as they buy children’s books. Women, especially of middle-age, hold the buyer power in the adult book category, as the majority are of income group A or B and they buy for themselves and for others. Women are also the group who buy the most stationery (including mothers purchasing school supplies for their children) as well as students and economic groups A and B. Again women form the customer base for gift wrap and cards, along with the time-poor employed. This analysis of WHSmith’s customer profile in these categories should allow the marketing team to tailor their strategies to

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