Why A Bully Is Bad

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Have you ever dreamed of dealing with a bad mean bully. Not always being a bully is very good. Also to prevent a bully you have to stay away, tell an adult, and be yourself. Why to stay away from a bully? Because it can get you in trouble. Also if you get suspended and when you come back you have a lot of makeup work to do. To begin with you can go to the hospital. Because what if that kid punches you so hard that you break your arm and have to go to the hospital. To addition don’t pay attention to others because sometimes their advice can be bad. To conclude with you should always stay away from bullies because they bring no good.
You should always tell someone that if other people are bullying you to tell other teachers.
Let’s say that if you see or hear someone is getting bullied you should tell because it can be serious and maybe get a small reward for telling. Also what you can do is tell your parents because they can come to the school and talk with your administrator about what is happening. If you don’t tell someone then that can lead up to a fight over that can come consequences like suspending. As a final point you should always tell someone because things can lead up to bad things.
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When you are in a fight just walk away and if he still is molesting you just tell on him. Also if you try to act like them then you will be cool but bad things will happen cuz of that friend and coolness. The last thing you can tell them let’s be friends for once and stop fighting then both of us doesn't get suspended. So just try to be yourself cuz being cool always is not the good choice in life. Well right now you have learned of how to handle a bully. Now I hope that we don’t get in fights cuz we already know how to resolve
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