Why A Business Plan Might Best Serve The Community Of Lakewood

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Scope In order to understand why a business plan might best serve the community of Lakewood, CA, one would have to understand the adjacent communities and the City of Lakewood. The city of Lakewood is located in the south eastern section of Los Angeles county and borders Orange County to the east. The city also borders the following cities: Long Beach, Bellflower, Cerritos, Cypress, and Hawaiian Gardens; however, the 605 freeway directly passes through the city and the 91 and 405 can be accessed within a few miles of the city limits (bing.com/maps 2016). Nevertheless, the research will focus on Los Angeles and Orange counties instead of the nation as a whole. Objectives This document will provide background information pertaining to the City of Lakewood. This information will be analyzed for determination of a potentially prosperous business plan that could also definitely serve the city and the surrounding communities as well. Methodology The U.S. Census, U.S Economic Census, and the MRI Plus Database will use while researching Lakewood and potential business plans for the area. The City of Lakewood website will also be beneficial while putting together this research paper. Findings I. Background Information of Lakewood The history of Lakewood dates back to 1897, when William A. Clark of Montana Land Company purchased 8,139 acres of land, which was formerly of Rancho Los Cerritos, from Jotham Bixby of Bixby Land Company for $405,000. In 193o, the nephew and heir to

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