Why A Company Can Go Through Social Media

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Many reasons why a company can go through so many changes throughout the years are due to the change of the market. With industries such as publishing, the changes can become endless. Publishers try and find ways to get their ideas out into such a market for consumers to enjoy. Publishing companies started out small however as time continued so did the demand in products. The demand grew so much that the markets became so big so fast. Pushing for an idea that marketing today is more dependent on publishing content through social media. Marketing and publishing companies have continued to change with time, because technology changes too. Marketing now has the most important role in publishing because it aims for a target audience and…show more content…
Marketing and publishing can continue to date back together when trying to promote ideas. The marketer had to find someone to enjoy the ideas that the publisher wanted to promote. The early changes and develops of publishing are some of the only changes that continued to grow into todays markets Using your brain is something we all do day in and day out. This is a normal way of thinking about how we see the world. We tend to use what we see around us as reminders of what we want, or need to do. When publishers go about publishing a new book or new product they try and find someone who can use the information they are providing. Whether it is a true story or something strictly made up. We as humans have tendencies to use what we read and hear to promote some sort of desire we want. We can have many different ways of explaining what we see and what we gain. One of the best examples is from a “Derren Browns subliminal advertising”. This is an actual video that shows two well-known advertisers from the from MBA firm being had by what they already knew. It explains how what we as humans see just driving down the street can have the biggest impact on what we draw. The two men were asked to draw an idea for a new poster for something they had never heard of. However when they were done the man showed them what he thought they would of drawn and it was almost identical. You ask why is this? Well marketing is designed to weave such patterns and designs into
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